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Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, stylish, and down 4 whatever. ♪ toyota. let's go places. all the natural energy found in peanuts? caramel works. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, delicious caramel come together to give you sweet energy. payday. fill up and go. with venus and olay. olay moisture bars help lock in moisture for less dryness while five blades get venus close. revealing smooth. and goddess skin begins. only from venus and olay. >> [ smooches ] [ both chuckling ] >> aw, it's so good to see two people so right for each other finally get together. >> yes. >> i feel exactly the same way. >> mm, me too. nothing is gonna stand in the way this time. >> all right. that's great. yes. >> aaah! >> man down! man down! man, what's wrong with you?! nearly gave me a heart attack! >> well, i was just trying to test his ticker. we all know what happened the last time. she's coming down that aisle, edna was coming down there, and the preacher say, "do you, man, take this beast to be your awfully wedded wife?" and she said, "i do," and colonel said -- [gagging] just like that. he start kicking and kicking like that. >
Jul 9, 2013 10:00pm EDT
the natural energy found in peanuts? caramel works. payday. crunchy, roasted peanuts and soft, delicious caramel come together to give you sweet energy. payday. fill up and go. - so, dad, have you ever been in a gang? - well, we were more of a dance group than a gang. we were called the partyup boys. we loved prince. we'd perm our hair, put on eyeliner, and wear tight pants. - you had hair? - that's funny. i was in a group, and we did the same thing. - do you have pictures? - no. - so, dad, you never had to, you know, ride up on some fools, you know. - and do what, challenge them to a split? what kind of questions are these, anyway? - i saw boyz 'n the hood. - where'd you see boyz 'n the hood? - i downloaded it. - hey, man, that's stealing. - no, it's not. - tell that to cuba gooding jr. when he comes over here looking for his money. - well, you've got my back, though, right? - right. - so, lindsey, you're really going through with this? - i want to, but i looked at the footage that i shot so far, and it's so boring. i even set up a confessional for us to talk about what's going on in th
Jul 8, 2013 10:00pm EDT
's good to break up some of the female energy. - kind of like a security guard at a shoe sale. [laughter] [all sigh] - tell me, nick. how did suzanne convince you to come down here in her place? - well, she didn't. i volunteered. women: oh! - that's amazing. i can barely get my husband to read a report card. - send it to espn. have them put it on the ticker. [laughter] [women sigh] - my husband doesn't even know where the children go to school. - let me tell you something, honey. take the tv remote. put it in their backpacks. he'll find 'em. [laughter] [women sigh] - can we not talk about husbands? the only reason i don't kill mine is because i am too lazy to row his dead body out to sea and dump it. - is that why suzanne keeps trying to get me to go on that cruise? [laughter] i finally figured that out. [women sigh] you know what? i just have to be honest with you guys. suzanne said you would be rough on me, but, you know, you're all right. - now, why would she say something like that? - we love her. - if anything, she's kind of tough on us. - i know what you mean. suzanne does not play
Jul 10, 2013 6:00am EDT
a juicy hamburger. but it takes a lot of energy to make that hamburger. in general, 100 pounds of cattle food result in just 10 pounds of beef. bugs need less energy to grow. so... 100 pounds of plant food will result in 45 pounds of crickets. that's 4 1/2 times as much edible food as you get from a cow. but this european is not about to eat a cricketburger. so should we tell him that he's probably eating insects right now? it's true. he just doesn't know it. sorry, buddy, it's all of them. which means your hamburger bun probably has insect parts in it. in fact, a lot of foods we eat every day probably have insects in them. they're caught on food at harvest time, or they crawl into food before or during processing. so they end up in peanut butter, coffee, spices, and veggies and fruits, raisins, peas, mushrooms, noodles, flours, and so on. yep, pretty much everything. but don't worry. the fda says it's safe. and two billion daily bug-eaters in the world can't be wrong. now it's time for an on the menu speed round on bugs. we'll name a country and you tell us which bug is often on its men
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4